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Hi, I’m

Carly Wieland

Entrepreneur, mum, investor,
disruptor of status quo,
and crazy passionate about
all things Business Intelligence

I have worked with over 50 businesses on 100’s of projects across multiple industry sectors over the past 25 years. I’ve always loved business, and as a girl I dreamt of being an entrepreneur. Now I get to share this journey with my amazing husband, and teach our kids how to achieve success by never giving up!

Why we started Lime Intelligence

Is data sexy? Absolutely! It’s about storytelling and always having access to data so you can make decisions and take immediate action.

It doesn’t get much better than being in the know and having it all laid out in an easy to read way makes sure we don’t loose interest in data and it becomes at the core of daily actions.

Data is a real asset you can’t live without. We want to get our customers as pumped about data as we are.

My story

Big dreams

Growing up I always wanted to run a business. I started making cards and sewing pillows for my family at age 8 and called my business ‘Hot Radical Designs or HRD’. I think I made at least $30! 😊

Once I completed school I headed straight to Uni to study Marketing at QUT in Brisbane. It was such an awesome period of life where I made some amazing life long friends, enjoyed my new found freedom and started to focus on landing that dream job.

After applying for work experience at Tourism Queensland, I worked alongside some great people who introduced me to aviation. Then I was hooked, I went on to work at Queensland Airports for 8 years as their General Manager Business Development and Marketing and loved the experience of attracting Gold Coast Airports first ever flights from Asia. It was an awesome time but I still yearned to be my own boss.

I learnt some valuable life lessons in my 20’s and early 30’s – some big highs as well as some big lows – and after ‘following my inner voice’ I was determined to learn from mistakes with an absolute focus on never giving up.

Blending in motherhood & starting a business

After having my babies, my husband and I decided to start Lime Intelligence.  Based on our combined experience in finance, IT and marketing we knew we could disrupt the way businesses looked at data and we haven’t looked back!

With COVID throwing us a few curve balls, we executed a strategic pivot into new industries.   Using our proven online platform and know how, we have since evolved Lime Intelligence into what we call ‘Full Service Business Intelligence or BI’. And I can’t wait to share this with the world!

Our mantra is to treat our staff like customers and partner with our customers to have some fun while building kick arse BI solutions.  I never wanted to be a stuffy corporate or do things in the traditional way… that’s the best part about running your own business! With our team and customers at the core of it all.  Bring on the future and I can’t wait to share my journey and experiences with my kids and show them anything is possible.  Just set a goal and go for it!!

The future

Looking to the future, I am now more passionate about data and teaching teams the value of data driven decision making.  Building a business is absolutely a journey and ours is still growing. Its hard, it fun, it takes lots of grit and self belief but its so worth it!  We have so much more to share and do and the best part of running your own business is the people you get to work with.

I love working with other founders and sharing each others’ wins, challenges and vision.  I plan to be open, collaborative, frank, humble and make a small impact on the world by sharing my journey of motherhood in business. I’m keen to build partnerships and investment opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs.  My business hero is Sara Blakeley and I’d love to meet her one day!

I’d love to
meet you.

I am always looking for new partnerships and investment collaborations, as well as being available for speaking engagements or a conversation to share my learnings to date on building businesses.


Carly learnt value of hard work and inner drive early on. Heavily influenced by her parents and grandparents who were pioneers of their era, these experiences growing up taught Carly the benefits of getting her hands dirty and the values of being open, honest and grounded. Carly always dreamt of running her own business and started at age 7 a creative design business selling cards and cushions to her family. This was the beginning of her journey into entrepreneurship.

After winning multiple awards including Tourism Queensland’s Most Outstanding Staff Member and the Young Australian Tourism Export Council person of the year, Carly developed her drive to follow her inner voice and think independently. Passionate about challenging the status quo, Carly was one of Australia’s first airport marketing executives and employed a customer focused strategy delivering growth including attracting the first long haul international flights to Gold Coast Airport.

Since then, Carly has demonstrated a proven track record in always looking at things differently and sharing her life lessons along way to encourage women around her in business as a mother and business owner. With her inner voice telling her to be brave and resilient, Carly has spoken at many international speaking events and continues to believe ‘you are only as good as your last movie’.

Over the past 25 years, Carly has been fearless in trying new strategies wherever she worked and used her strong ability to analyse data, think creatively and intuitively to build genuine relationships for success. Carly is now leading Lime Intelligence with her co-founder, disrupting the way business looks at business intelligence (BI). She has a vision to take Lime’s successful model and online platform to sized businesses across multiple industries to give them control and visibility over their business performance (and enjoy the journey!)


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    I’d love to hear from you!